About Conference

2019 World Pediatrics Conference (2019WPC) will be focusing on the latest advancements and innovations in different fields of Pediatrics research. 2019WPC is a premiere educational Pediatrics Congress in the field of Child Care and Neonatology that rotate between continents and are organized in collaboration with few national and international pediatric societies and associations. This International Pediatrics Congress 2019WPC is going to be held at Singapore during September 10-11, 2019 around the theme Current Challenges in Delivering Pediatric and Neonatal Researches which enable the professionals from worldwide to exchange their views on a wide variety of topics affecting child care and those suffering from pediatric diseases around the world. Since Genetic variance, developmental issues and Congenital defects are of a greater concern to pediatricians, we will be exploring more into these fields.

The 2019WPC conference will be having workshops on child and adolescent health, strategical session speakers, special keynote sessions organized by some of the eminent and renowned speakers who excel in the field of pediatrics and neonatal researches.

The 2019 World Pediatrics Conference (2019WPC) is also providing an opportunity to the young researchers to participate in the conference, present their on-going work through video presentation or e-poster and to also participate for Young Researcher Award by our esteemed organizing committee members.

The 2019WPC conference is being systematically organized for any professional involved in pediatric healthcare domain, such as, pediatric nurse practitioner, pediatrician, pediatric drugs & health care devices manufacturers, academicians, researcher, students, scientist, clinical coordinators, pediatric intensivist and health care professionals of any disciplines. The 2019WPC committee will work with professional associations and every other organization willing to add their strengths to education, advocacy and programming on behalf of children.

The main objectives of the Pediatric Conferences are to:

• Advance the education of physicians and other professionals in the care of patients with pediatric and neonatal diseases.
• To attain the best possible child care for all people around the world.
• Support the development of clinical and medical science on pediatrics and neonatal researches.
• Provide a platform to present new ideas and treatments for pediatric and neonatal diseases.
• Enable scientists and physicians to interchange experiences and formulate new medical strategies.

Important Dates

Abstract Submission

July 30, 2019

Speaker Registration

July 30, 2019

Early Bird Registration

April 25, 2019 (Closed)

Advisory Committee List

Dr. Claude Billeaud

President of the Association for Pediatric Education in Europe (A.P.E.E)

Miho Watanabe

Assistant professor of the University of Tokyo Hospital,

N.C.K Reddy

Consultant at Praanadah Hospital & Nice Children Hospital,

Dyah Kanya Wati

Pediatric Critical Care Consultant at Medical Faculty Udayana University,