Professional Copy Editing Services

We provide a platform for researchers aspiring to publish their work in good English. All research must be well-written and follow the standard structure of formal scientific writing. Hence, our trained content writers in diverse fields, such as medical and health sciences, natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, and technology, skillfully compose and refine your manuscripts to meet the highest language standards, facilitating acceptance of the manuscripts.

Quality and Plagiarism Checking Services

Our Quality and Plagiarism Checking Services assist you in recognizing passages in your manuscript that might be subjected to accidental plagiarism by the source. We thoroughly check the manuscripts for such plagiarism by using the software iThenticate. This software is popularly used by academic communities worldwide to check the originality and authenticity of written material or documents. The titles and abstracts are checked manually on search engines for text duplication. A report is generated that highlights the problematic areas of the document, along with expert comments on how these areas could affect the manuscript’s authenticity and evaluation overall.

Journal Selection Services

The right, or appropriate journal relevant to the field must be selected to publish your paper successfully. Manuscripts are often rejected merely on the basis that the research topic lies outside the overall scope of the journal or is focused on a particularly different target audience.

Our experts select and recommend the most appropriate or well-suited journals for your manuscript. A report is prepared that elaborates the pros and cons of submitting the manuscript to each of the journals likewise. Submitting to relevant journals that match the specific research field can avoid unnecessary rejection at a very initial stage. If you are not sure about the selection of an appropriate journal relevant to your research, then you should consider this service.